Introduction to Computer Science (I1100)

This course gives a general overview of computer science domain by introducing different sub-domains (architecture, operating system, networks, programming languages, ...)

Chapter title File to download
Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Science
Chapter 2 (part I): Computer architecture - Number Systems
Chapter 2 (part II): Computer architecture - Data Storage
Chapter 2 (part III): Computer architecture - Computer Organization
Chapter 3: Operating system
Chapter 4: Software - Flowcharts
Chapter 5: Databases
Chapter 6: Networks
How internet works movie on youtube
Chapter 7 (part I): Internet
Chapter 7 (part II): HTML
Group 4 exercises solution
Group 6 exercises solution
Assignment File to download
TS 1: Introduction to Computer Science
TS 2: Number Systems
TS 3: Data Storage
TS 4: Arithmetic Operations
TS 5: Computer Organization
TS 6: Operating System
TS 7: Flowcharts
TS 8: Programming Languages
TS 9: Databases
Supplementary Exercises:
TS 10: Networks
Supplementary Resources Material
BOOK: Foundations of Computer Science Click here to download !
BOOK: Computers are your future Click here to download !
Year Partial Session 1 Session 2